I am a firm believer in learning something new every day. Okay, maybe not every single day, but I do try to grab each opportunity to widen my views and learn from others. So when I saw that Dasha Pears was organizing a workshop in Helsinki about creative photography, I signed up to spend another day with crafting my trade.

      Dasha is a fine art photographer from St. Petersburg who creates surreal portraits. The topic of the workshop was to how to achieve these images and create magic with props and a bit of post-processing. We’ve also talked about how to organize a photoshoot, which is always useful to hear even if you have organized already many shoots. There are so many details to be aware of and you can never get too much practice! The same goes for photography itself. I think I will never feel that I am “ready” and there is nothing left to learn in this ever challenging field. Finding new ways, new methods, new inspiration, and a new way of approaching it is always refreshing.

      These events are also a good opportunity to meet and network with other photographers in your area and also look at photography from a whole new angle.

      The workshop gave me more inspiration to work on some projects on my own that I wanted to do for many months and now I am organizing some sessions where the goal will be creation itself. I hope I can tell you more about those projects soon!

      Until then here are a few images from the workshop – I hope you find them interesting as much as I do!

      Creative team:

      Aleksandra Hellberg
      Sofia Juntunen
      Dresses by Julia Solonina (St. Petersburg, Russia)
      Cupcakes by Marie Reeves Redih
      MUAH: Jannica Stelander