At a workshop I held last Sunday, when I introduced myself, I told the participants that I really started my career as photographer with concert photography. 10 years ago it was all about music and stages and bands and low light and movement. Talk about extreme conditions!

      Now that I do newborn photography as well, I’m not sure which one is more challenging. Photographing a stage in low light with moving musicians when you have about 10 minutes to get your shots is tough. But working with a newborn is tough for a whole different sets of reasons. They are so precious and so tiny. They look so fragile and sometimes they don’t want to stop crying. Sometimes they just keep moving around, no matter how much you try to calm them down and get them to sleep.

      So you need endless amount of patience and love for them. And be prepared that sometimes they decide when and if the session is over, and you can’t really tell them to hold still for just 2 more minutes. But then you have the photos that you can’t handle editing because they are just so sweet! Especially when you catch a smile, or when they are just so snug wrapped in a blanket.

      I love to work with newborns, because it is always an honor to be with a family in these moments and be able to give them memories of the first few weeks of their child’s life. It’s challenging – true, but it is also so rewarding and fascinating. Tatie and Alex have welcomed their daughter a few weeks ago and I hope you will like these photos as much as I do. I hope to meet with their little princess more in the future!


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