Stockholm is one of my favorite cities in Scandinavia – and it also helps that one of my closest friends live there. Since it’s just a short flight from Helsinki, I’ve been there many times ever since I moved here.

      Earlier this week I had the perfect excuse to go, since Stockholm gave a wonderful location to a wedding photography summit, Way Up North. Needless to say I had to be there, to listen and learn, and meet with my peers. About 500 photographers gathered from the world to listen to wedding photographers like Nessa K, Andria Lindquist, Fer Juaristi and Jasmine Star among others. The forum of the event is now echoing the voices of these 500 photographers thanking and sharing their inspiration and buzz – the buzz that as well is in my head ever since the last session ended. Inspired is an overused word, but this is how we feel, and now can’t wait to look at wedding photography with new eyes, and fresh approach. I already tried to implement some of the ideas I heard during a quick photo session with my friend, who as well is a massage therapist based in Stockholm (warmly recommended if you are in the city).

      Looking for the light even if at first it seems there is none. Looking for the angles to shoot on an otherwise busy street, swarming with kids just leaving a nearby school. Try different methods, and shoot with only the minimum gear at hand. Walk a few kilometers if that means a better location and more possibilities. Listen to the client and tell her story in the photos. But first and foremost: be yourself.

      Now with these ideas I’m ready to plunge deeper in the photography business and dare to be the person I am, to bring more art and uniqueness in my photos.

      Overall I’m glad that there was such an event here in Europe – after all photography is also a community thing. And I hope I’ll be able to meet new friends at the next occasion as well.

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