There is not many things which is so relaxing for a woman as a quiet morning at home. When there is no stress of waking up for the alarm clock, and one has all the time in the world to get ready and enjoy a cup of coffee.

      Today is a morning like this for me. I’m in Budapest while writing this blog, and spring is already in full swing here. The sun is warm and the city is buzzing with tourists. All the terraces are open and I am sitting in one of my favourite little coffee place, where I can work undisturbed, enjoying the vibes of this spring morning.

      I was thinking back to the boudoir session I had recently with a lovely bride, who is also expecting her first baby. Her friends surprised her with the photo session, and she was really happy to have a few intimate photos taken of her and her belly, that she could present to her husband on their wedding day.

      It was a lovely, relaxed session. We were aiming for more laid back, and lifestyle-oriented boudoir photos, and a few nice belly pics. We were lucky that the sun decided to come out that day too, so we had lovely light to work with. I really like to work on these photo sessions. There is something about a mom-to-be and a wife-to-be, the anticipation of the beginning of her married life, and founding her family.

      I’m grateful for the trust she gave me, and I hope you’ll like these photos as much as we did!

      Boudoir photography Helsinki – Huomenlahjakuvaus – Maternity