There are those mornings, when you really have a lot of time. You are home alone. You make yourself a cup of coffee, and proceed to drink it in bed. Maybe read some magazines. The point is, you take the time to be with the most important person in your life: yourself.

      And that is important. Now I’m heavily under the influence of the recently gone-viral posts of Constance Hall. Her motto is something like: Be a queen and don’t give a what others think. It’s a good thing to read even if you don’t have a bunch of kids you have to take care of every day. It’s important to accept yourself, love yourself and empower yourself, more than anyone. And there are people who won’t let you. They will say mean things. They will know better. But you just keep on being a queen of your own queendom and keep loving yourself, fully, wholeheartedly.

      Even on days, when you just want to say: “I can’t today, sorry. I’ll try tomorrow.” So go, and be yourself. Eat that cake. Drink that sparkly. And accept your flaws, cos they make you perfect!

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