Not every girl dreams about becoming a fairy princess. Or a rockstar. Some of them want to be marine biologists or architects. But that doesn’t mean they can’t try the fairy-princess-rockstar-look out for a few hours! This young lady’s mom thought it would be a perfect birthday gift to treat her daughter with a photo session, trying out different looks and make up. It was a sunny autumn day and at first she was shying away from my lens, not liking to be in the center of attention. But we couldn’t help it with the make up artist – the natural beauty is something that shines through. I also love how the pink hair makes those blue eyes pop! We did a more girly and a more edgy look around Lauttasaari, chatting about music, school and sharks – this young woman is up to something great in her life! Who knows, maybe she’ll end up being a rockstar marine biologist!

      Make up and hair by Anne Rautio

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