This summer a lot of things have happened, and I also had a longer break with the blogging. But now I have the perfect topic to return to my blog! This summer was also my turn to get married, and now that we have the gorgeous wedding photos from our fabulous photographer, I wanted to share the story of our day. Without further ado, here are some of my memories and also some hints for the future brides who are still waiting their turn to walk down the aisle!

      Photography: Susanna Nordvall Photography
      Hair and Make Up: Pieni Pala Unelmaa
      Flowers: Floramore

      When you are organising your wedding, everyone will tell you that your day will go by super fast. That is so true, and also if you are eloping, as we did. Even if you don’t have a reception with many guests and a lot of programs going on, your day will still fly away with the speed of light, and with the amount of excitement chances are you will collapse at the end of the day.

      Our wedding was a really special one, because we eloped, but we also did it in our own city. This allowed us to do everything on our terms and significantly reduced the amount of stress that normally comes with planning a wedding. That doesn’t mean however, that the whole planning was smooth sailing! We’ve had our share of bad luck and Murphy sneaking up on us, but at the end we managed to work everything out and the day was perfect in its own chaotic way.

      Dear Brides, here is the thing: your wedding won’t be perfect, at least not the way you imagine perfect! There will be something going sideways, as it is bound to happen when so many details have to fall into place. But if you can let your expectation of perfect go, your day will turn out to be just that. Perfect.

      On our wedding day we had it all: a faulty parking meter, two traffic jams, rain during our first look, the doctoral ceremony “interrupting” our portrait session… really, it was so funny at the end! And looking back now, I say that it was just awesome the way it all happened. It was us. It was silly and messy and fun. We had champagne and cake before dinner, and my husband saw my dress before the ceremony. Still, I wouldn’t change any part of it.

      And now the ode to the photographer. As a wedding photographer myself, I can’t tell enough how important it is to hire the right photographer for your wedding. The one with whom you can connect on a personal level, and who’s photos you like the most! Many people have asked me during the months leading up to my wedding if I will photograph my own wedding, and I even said jokingly that sure, I will just buy a selfie stick and roll with it.

      But I’m glad that we had Susanna and here is why: I will have these photos till the rest of my life. And they are so precious, and not just because it was our wedding day, but also because I have photos of my loved ones. I am so happy to have some great photos with my parents. And with my husband. And when we got the gallery, looking through it the whole day came back to me like it only happened yesterday.

      I am also happy to be able to see photos of my husband’s getting ready, because for obvious reasons we got ready in different rooms. And seeing those images were priceless, really.

      And here is another hint for the future brides: when your photographer asks more time to do the portraits, try to make that time for them. We can of course take portraits in 20 minutes as well, but if there is time, then we can truly let our creativity flow. Towards the end of our portrait session Susanna asked us to climb inside a big lilac bush. And we climbed inside the bush. At that point of course I didn’t see what Susanna had in mind but we rolled with it, and the results were gorgeous. In general Susanna made the portrait sessions feel like a breeze and delivered a gallery that exceeded all my expectations. For that I am truly grateful.

      All in all, going through the wedding planning and wedding day as a bride, now I have more understanding of what it’s really like to live through your own wedding day, and this is an experience that I hope will help me to also make other brides’ wedding days a better one.


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