In December, when everyone is planning to visit their family and spend time with them during the holidays, I also pack my bags and head home. Usually we spend a few days in Austria as well, where I ski with my parents and friends. Skiing has been a part of my life ever since I was a kid.

      Until now I had always dragged my camera along to the ski holiday. Just in case. And of course I never needed it. The camera sat through the week in my bag, in the corner, and came back to Helsinki untouched. So this year I decided I won’t bring my gear along. It will be a camera-less vacation for me.

      And then in Austria I met Viki, who lives here, and she is a friend of a friend who skies with us. She is in the last month of her pregnancy and when she found out I take maternity photos, she asked if I would like to take her photos. I said of course, I only don’t have my camera with me. She offered me hers, which is also a Canon. So I agreed, and she came over on a sunny afternoon to take some pics of her belly.

      It was a good practice for me, to do a photo session with a different camera and a very basic lens, that is not mine and I don’t know it fully. I spent a few minutes just browsing through the manual to check where I can change all the settings, tested the lens a bit, then we headed out to the border of the village, just in time for the gorgeous sunset light.

      It was a very simple and quick session, and it was also a great challenge for me to do something outside of my usual work routine –  a last minute session with basic gear. Without much styling or planning. I love this place so much, and I’m happy I could do a maternity session with such beautiful mountains as surroundings.