What does Spain and Finland have in common?

      Julia and Rodrigo. These 2 countries play a part in their love story which started in Madrid. Rodrigo moved there to continue his studies and a fortunate coincidence brought Julia there too, all the way from Jyväskylä. She told me that it was hard to find things she liked to eat while in Spain – and he jumped on the opportunity to cook delicious dinners for her. They also went to the same gym and shortly started to date.

      Now they are considering moving to one country, so they can share more than just travels together between Spain and Finland and other parts of the world. It is clear that they are inseparable – and they’ve handled the -25 degrees like champions for the sake of our photo session.

      We caught some of the leftover Christmas lights in downtown Helsinki – if you read my blog, you know how much I love the city. After we were done outside, we sat down for a coffee and chatted about travels and food and some other stories. It was refreshing to get to know these lovebirds and I hope they will find a way to make their dreams come true!




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      Helsinki portrait photography 2016