The White Church in Helsinki is one of the most famous sights. Also one of my favorite – I just love to sit on the stairs on a sunny summer day, watching people and sipping coffee, or reading a book. When I used to live in the center of Helsinki, my walks often led there, and I still like to make a detour to roam the streets of the very center. Johanna and Lauri are lucky to live close to the White Church, and both being foodies, I’m sure they take advantage of the ever growing restaurant palette of this city.

      During our brief engagement session on a cloudy and windy November day we chatted about food and movies.. The weather wasn’t fully on our side, but we still managed to get the most out of our walk – at some point ending up in one of the classic market halls in Helsinki.

      Johanna and Lauri are planning a destination wedding to Italy, where they will celebrate their wedding day with the simplicity and elegance of the Italian cuisine: wine, cheese and bread. It will certainly be a warmer and sunnier day!

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