When you have a photo session with me, we will have agreed on a number of images I deliver to you, as the result of the session.

      I use a closed, password-protected online gallery to do so, so we can both be sure that the proof photos are only seen by you, and makes the process of choosing your photos and delivering them more smooth.

      However sometimes I get the feedback that the gallery is not so straightforward to use, so I decided to write this blogpost as an instruction manual on how to handle this. Don’t worry, it is not at all difficult, and if you use e-mail, facebook, or any other social media platform, you will be able to handle this gallery as well!


      Let’s get to it!


      If you purchased one of my portrait packages that allows you to have for example 15 images, I will first send you a link and a password, and ask you to pick your 15 favs out of all the proof photos I share with you.


      First you need to log in with the password provided:


      When you have logged in, you will be able to see all the photos in the gallery:


      Then notice the heart icon on the lower right corner of each photo. When clicking on it, you will be required to give your email address in order to be able to curate your favourite list. Your email address will be used for identifying your picks later on.


      After you signed in with your email address you can start adding photos to your list with the heart icon. When you are done with your selection, let me know, so I can copy them in a new set and can give you the right to download.

      For downloading the photos you are given a PIN code. This makes sure that only the ones with the code can download the photos, so for example you can share the gallery with your friends without worrying that they might download your photos. Of course feel free to share the PIN code as well with whoever you wish.

      When you press the “download” icon in the upper right corner of the gallery, just below the cover image, you will be prompted to give your email address and PIN code.


      Once you have done that, you will be directed to a new page, where you can choose which set you would like to download (in case there are several), and the resolution. Normally you can download the photos in high resolution, that is recommended for prints, and web resolution, that is smaller in size, so you can use them to share them on your social media platforms.


      Then the site will prepare a ZIP file for you that you can download. If you are attempting to download a bigger batch of photos, it might take longer to compress them. In any case, you will also receive an email with the link once it is ready, and you can proceed to download the photos.



      I recommend downloading the photos both in high resolution and in web resolution. There is no limit on how many times you can download your photos, and you can download them on multiple devices too.

      Please make sure to download your photos and save them on multiple locations, to avoid losing data. About methods on backing up your photos you can read this blog post.

      Please note, that for downloading an entire gallery, you must do this on a laptop or desktop computer. On your mobile devices you can only download photos one by one, with the download icon found in the lower right corner of each photo.

      I hope this blog post is helpful, if you have any more questions about how the gallery works, feel free to always ask!

      The photos used for this demonstration were shot in Barcelona with the wonderful Mrs. Timcsi and her husband.