When I first met Natali from L’art of Fashion, I simply wanted to collaborate with her on a workshop. But what I wasn’t expecting, that we would become friends quickly!

      I was really happy to find a kindred spirit in her and we’ve soon discovered, that we are both very similar in many ways. For example we both love food. When she invited me to join her to Krog Madame for her work lunch, I was happy to accept. The chef of Krog Madame, Joseph Youssef just published his cook book, Josen meze a few weeks ago – and he was eager to tell us all about his food creations, the book, and his inspiration behind it all.

      I took also the opportunity to take some photos of the dishes, which were presented in a modern and appetizing way, on colorful plates and everything looked just simply amazing. Here are a couple of photos from the occasion. If you are in Helsinki, make sure you visit Krog Madame – you won’t be disappointed!

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