I am beyond happy today, because my first wedding magazine feature just came out this morning! My photos have been published on the Finnish Häät magazine’s website. It has been a project that kept us busy for several months.

      The idea already was there for some time with wedding dress designer Terhi Löfman from Ateljee Aaria and jewelry designer Anneli Aaltonen from Papaja. Then when we decided to organize a full wedding inspiration styled session, we started to look for other collaborators as well, to create the right tone and the story for the photos.

      I have been working with Petra Dajka from Willow visuals before (look at my beautiful logo for example), so I asked her to create the bespoke calligraphy invitations for us. Floramore‘s flowers are always gorgeous, so I was happy to have them as well on board. When it came to the cake, I knew exactly who to ask – Aan Tafel’s catering was on point at a workshop I’ve attended last year, so we got the now especially popular naked cake from their dessert-branch, Cakes by Aan Tafel.

      When it comes to having so many participants, it’s imperative to find the right people to work with, and I think our creative team worked out really well. Today when I look at the result, I really think it was worth the effort we all put into this project!

      Thanks also for Häät magazine to publish our work! For the article just click here!