Fashion photography is something I always admired, but I never really tried myself in it. It is a very complex field and a rather challenging one – so while I get a lot of inspiration from fashion photographers all around the globe, I rarely had the opportunity to dabble in it myself.

      Earlier this year I had the opportunity to truly challenge myself and take some more fashion oriented photos while attending a wedding- and portrait photography workshop in Tuscany.

      We had the luxury to work with some really wonderful and talented models, who also worked as makeup artists and wardrobe stylists, and as the backdrop for these photos, we had the beautiful city of Trieste.

      This session was putting me out of my comfort zone for several reasons: one of them was the harsh sunlight. I know this is often used in fashion photos as a tool, but I still tend to run for the shadows. It is not easy to shoot in direct sunlight when I’m so used to soft and even light.

      We were also short on time, since this was on the last travel day of the workshop, and we had a 10-hour long bus ride ahead of us. So we just walked around the streets looking for excellent photo opportunities and tried to use the locations and time the best we could.

      In this post, you can see a selection of my favorite images from that day. I hope this wasn’t the last time I got to stroll around in a beautiful city and take these kinds of photos!


      Makeup, styling, and model: Hanna Lilla Tóth and Dalma Éles

      Special appearance: Adorján Szász