In the wedding industry there are many great creative teams who do many amazing styled sessions. I also wanted to do a styled session, but I had a very specific goal in mind: I wanted to do a short movie to show myself during my work, and to create a visual introduction for my website.

      Organising this session was a long process. I knew I wanted to have a more moody and bohemian look and a lovely dress with a flow in the skirt. I also wanted to have a wild flower crown, and I dreamt of a location with seashore and rocks. At least the latter is not so hard to find around Finland!

      The dress was provided by Aurora from Revelations, and it fitted Anna perfectly. I knew from the start that I wanted to have Tanja from Floramore on board as well – after creating my wedding bouquet, and some gorgeous flowers for another project, I had no doubt that she will create the perfect blooms.

      At the end Timo and Jannica joined the team as well, and we were ready for the shooting day.

      The production day was particularly windy, but my lovely model stood on the rocks by the sea as a true viking (bohemian) princess. I’m really grateful for all the effort every person put into this creation, and I hope you will like the results as much as we do!

      PS: Special thanks again for the kind family who let us go through their backyard for reaching our locaion!

      Model – Anna Anttilainen
      Make up & Hair – Jannica Stelander
      Make up & Hair assistant – Tytti Tiainen
      Gown – Aurora Raiskinen / Revelations
      Flowers – Floramore
      Videography – Timo Stjernberg / VideoTimo
      Photography – Rita Miklán Photography
      Assistant – Michel Gillet
      Music – Bloom by Analog Heart

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