Portrait sessions – FAQ

How much do you charge for a portrait session?

Portrait sessions start from 300 euros. You can find my portrait pricing here. If you have any questions about my pricing, please send me an email.

How do I book a session?

Usually via email. Just let me know the type of session you would like to have and we can take it from there.

Is there a consultation before our session?

Yes! I meet with every client to discuss ideas and get to know each other. If we can’t meet for some reason, we can call or skype.

Where do we have our photo session?

If the weather is nice, I recommend choosing an outdoor location, somewhere close to your home that you like and possibly has special significance for you. During winter and very bad weather we can hold the session in your home. I have portable lighting equipment, so don’t worry that it may be too dark.

Do you have your own studio?

No, I don’t own a studio at the moment. However if you prefer to have studio images, I can help you find a lovely studio which we can rent for your photo session.

What shall I wear for my photoshoot?

Something comfortable that you like! For family sessions I recommend coordinating the colors worn by the family members for a harmonious look. You can have 2-3 different outfits during a session, so I recommend picking out more than one outfit. For inspiration you can always check out my inspiration boards on Pinterest.

I really can’t pick out stylish outfits and I can’t do my makeup. Help!

I’m happy to help you choose outfits from your closet, and/or send recommendations and ideas. We can also invite a makeup artist if you don’t feel comfortable with applying your own makeup. I’m also happy to help you style an entire session if you have a specific look in mind.

What if I get sick the day before the session?

We will find another date and hopefully everyone will be healthy! No additional fee will be charged for this.

I’d like to have an album with my photos.

Great to hear! I can help you order a gorgeous, handmade artistic album which you will love and cherish for many years to come! Send me a message and I will send you the album pricing and options.

How long will it take to receive our photos?

It depends on the session, usually around 3 weeks.

Who will own the rights to the photos?

I retain the full copyright for each image and you receive the photos with a release that allows you to use them for your personal purposes in any way you like.

When should I have my maternity photos taken?

It is recommended to have maternity photos taken around 7 months into the pregnancy.

I’m 2 weeks from my due date, can we still do it?

Of course, as long as you are pregnant we can take your maternity photos.

When shall I book the newborn photos?

I recommend booking your newborn session at the same time as you book your maternity session, so we can both prepare and when your baby arrives we can just pick a date.

When shall I set the date for my newborn session?

Please call me as soon as the baby is born, and we can look at our calendars.

The baby has already arrived and I haven’t booked a session in advance. Can I still do it?

Yes, just call me as soon as possible, so we can set everything up! Even if your baby is a few weeks old already, we can still take beautiful photos of your family.

Will you come to our home to take the newborn photos?

Yes, I will. It doesn’t require much space to take nice newborn photos, and I have portable lighting in case it’s needed. So your home is perfect for this.

Can other family members be present?

Of course! The more the merrier, so don’t hesitate to invite your significant other, the siblings or even the grandparents to the photo sessions.

Will you hold my baby?

Yes, I will! I can assure you I have held newborns before, and they never complained : )

Do you have props for newborn photos?

I have clothes and blankets, but of course we can also use anything you would like to include in the photos, such as your baby blankets or something a family member may have made for the baby.

How should we prepare for a photo session?

Upon booking a session I will tell you everything you need to know during our consultation or via email.

Do you travel for sessions?

Yes, however if the session is outside the Greater Helsinki area, I kindly ask for travel compensation.