Boudoir moments – all revealed


Have you ever played with the idea of a photo session just for yourself?

Maybe you have thought about it, then quickly chased the thoughts away. We have many reasons why we think we won’t look good on photos, and we simply don’t think revealing ourselves in lingerie in front of a camera is a good idea. But we are still tempted.

And when you finally gather up the courage to seek out a photographer, it’s overwhelming again. Where to go?  Who to choose? What to wear? What will happen? These and other questions might pop in your head.

This is why I decided to make this video, to show you what exactly happens, and how a boudoir session flows.

For me, the most important priority during a boudoir session is that YOU feel comfortable.

It is all about you. Your experience, your moment, your soul shining through.

I hope this video shows you how empowering this experience can really be. And the photos are there to tell the rest.

Model: Lilla Dominika Vad
Makeup: Mária Bartók
Video: Katalin Néveri
Venue: NDustrial Studios, Budapest



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