This day marks the first day of the Spring, and I still haven’t blogged yet this year. It was in January that I launched this new website, and I am loving it ever since. But then again life happened and I didn’t have much chance to update my blog, even though I have plenty of new endeavours I’d like to share. Time sure flies!

      But before I fully emerge into the spring mood of the city, I wanted to share a few photos from my last trip to Stockholm. It was in last November, and the weather just turned to more wintery. We had a quick photo session with Andrea from Stockholm Ayurveda and I love how it turned out. Although it was a really random session without much planning, we had a lot of fun in the fresh snow. I said jokingly that she looked like a Scandinavian version of Pocahontas, as she ran around in the snowfall carelessly.

      She is one of the best massage therapists, so I encourage everyone who visits Stockholm to book an appointment with her.

      And now, that I said hello on my new website with this blog post, I want to commit to blogging again on a weekly basis, since I have a lot to share in the future! Thank you for reading, and feel free to leave a comment!